BBSOVG came 3rd and 5th – great matches, but, in the end, we were unfortunate.
The 17th edition of our annual football tournament was hosted by BBSOvG plus BBS „Eike von Repgow“. Traditionally, the tournament with the motto „ Fairplay first“ took place in the Draisweg Gym, neatly organised by Mr. Schüssler and his supporters.

The invitation to play was accepted by BBS Oschersleben, BBS „Conrad Tack“ as well as by our grammar school track`s partner institution, the Gemeinschaftsschule „Thomas Mann“.
The tournament itself corresponded with tournament rules, starting to play in preliminary matches up to the semi-finale and the finale itself, of course. Every match went over a course of 10 minutes. The fact that nearly all players have gained experience from  local leagues tells you a lot about their quality.
After losing the cup to Oschersleben in recent yours, this year`s intention was to strike back and to win the cup. Two very good teams gave us optimism to reach the semi finale and at least with one team the finale. Team 2 consisted primarily of full-time students and there were high expectations after winning 3-1 against Gemeinschaftsschule „Thomas Mann“. The next match ended in a 2-2 draw, so that another draw in the last match would have been sufficient to end up in the semi finale. But, unfortunately, our team lost here 0-1 and missed it because of fewer goals scored.
Team 1- consisting of part-time students and technical engineers came first in the first round after 3 victories. The first semi-finale against EvR was marked by quarrels and disputes among some players, ending in a suspension. After the referee told one player to take an early bath, EvR scored the only goal of the match, which was unfortunate again. The 2nd semi-finale ended 0-1 as well, which shows how balanced all teams were.
Our 2nd OvG team came 5th after 2 victories in the remaining matches, whereas our team 1 came 3rd after a 2-1 victory during the extra time. We have to express our appreciation for the team of Gemeinschaftsschule “Thomas Mann” , as they turned out to be absolutely competitive and came 6th.
The finale was the same as last years`s finale, Oschersleben won it for the 3rd time in 3 years, which means they can keep the cup now and there will be a new one next year.