Just like any other year, our school is involved in the „Meile der Demokratie“- Event, held by the city of Magdeburg. The intention is to demonstrate our engagement for tolerance, peaceful cooperation and openness to the world.

Our school`s booth this year was meant to show various activities like language games, a survey, posters about topical songs. On top of all, our hot punch was well-asked for on that cold day.
In particular, a to-scale imitation of journalist Denis Yücel`s prison cell in Turkey was in the focus of attention. Doing this, we demonstrated our undivided solidarity with the then still imprisoned journalist, thus pointing out the importance of the freedom of the press.
We are aware of the fact that such freedoms must be defended at all times. This is one reason for our involvement in the annual event. Let us express our gratitude here to all those who helped and supported us with our activity.