The courses most asked for will be all about Grammar school tracks focusing on Health and Social, Business, IT and Engineering. After 3 years of full-time schooling the students will pass their exams to gain A`level, thus aquiring access to German universities and colleges.

Moreover, there are courses qualifying Technical Engineers, ending with a college entrance standard certificate after 2 years (full-time) or 4 years (evening courses). In these courses,  practical experience as journeyman is required . Applicants without such experience can also gain it after the courses.
The open day is also offering insight into routines and procedures at school, rooms and labs will be presented to the public and experiments will be shown..There are also after school activities shown like Sports, Programming, Chess, Art and Choir.
Catering for visitors will be offered by our students.

When: 03.03.2018
Time:    9.00  - 12.00
Where:     Berufsbildende Schule Otto von Guericke
                Am Krökentor 1b- 3
                39104 Magdeburg
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